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General Information

Fall 2016

CPS613 Human-Computer Interaction
CP8205 Advanced Human-Computer Interaction
CPS710 Translators I

Winter 2017

CPS420 Discrete Structures
CPS616 Advanced Algorithms

Previously Taught

CPS109 Computer Science I
CPS209 Computer Science II
CPS630 from W2002 (not completely functional)
MTH110 Discrete Mathematics I
MTH207 Calculus I (only my handouts)
MTH210 Discrete Mathematics II
Learning Philosophy
Team Work Policy
Assignment Submission Policy
Copyright Policy for Assignments
Programming Style

Learning Philosophy

I tend to learn new skills using a variety of techniques: sometimes I will take a course, at other times I will read a book, ask someone else for information, or even search the web. To learn new technical skills, I find that it always helps to have a project in mind because it makes me focus on what I need to learn. Since the content of the courses I teach is mostly technical, I design these courses so as to provide a variety of learning modes and some concrete projects for which students will apply theory that has been discussed in class and/or discover information they need to know in order to complete the project.

To make the learning experience more varied, I also provide opportunities for both group work and individual work in all the courses I teach: in some instances, it is important to be able to discuss problems with others; in other cases, students will not learn a specific skill unless they completely work it through by themselves.

This mixed mode approach is represented in the format of the courses I teach. All courses will have most of the following elements:

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