Sophie Quigley: Copyright Policy

In some of the courses I teach, I hand out assignment material, usually fully or partially-coded modules, which I have developed for that particular course. When this material contains a copyright notice at the beginning of the module:
Copyright Sophie Quigley (date) to be used in course (coursenumber)
it is to be used as follows:

  1. The copyright notice may not be removed under any circumstances. If the student modifies the module, he or she may add the following line under the copyright notice:
    Modified by (student name) (student id) on (date)

  2. The copyrighted material may be used by students registered in the course in the copyright notice during the same term as the date of the copyright notice. Students may modify the copyrighted material as they wish and include it in their assignments, labs or projects for that term in that course.

  3. Any other usage of my copyrighted material, including distribution to third parties, use in courses other than the course in the copyright notice, use in terms other than the one in the copyright notice, or use in commercial software, without my written approval, is strictly prohibited!

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