Sophie Quigley: Assignment submission policy

Assignment Submission

Assignments must be handed in either directly to the instructor, or to the department secretary or drop box in ENG238. Work handed in to other professors, mailed in, left on desks, or slipped under doors will not be accepted.

Due Times

School of Computer Science policy specifies that all due times for asignments in Computer Science courses is 8:30AM on the due date, or by 8:30AM on subsequent days for late assignments.
I will accept the following as valid proof of on-time submission:
- departmental time stamp
- electronic time stamp from scs Unix systems (using submit programs)

Late Penalties

When late assignments or labs are accepted (i.e. the late penalty is not -100%), the late penalty will be as follows:
Assignments will have a late penalty of -3n marks (out of 100) removed, where n is the number of school days (Monday to Friday) an assignment is late by.

e.g if the assignment is marked out of 100, 3 marks are lost on the first day, 9 on the second, 27 on the third, 81 on the fourth, and 100 on the fifth.

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