W2005 A2 Information

Ryerson University

Marking and Submission Information

The mark for A2 will be out of 100. To simplify the marking and to force you to be more observant of style, we will use the following rather crude marking scheme. The scheme may not say exactly what you will get, but it indicates what mark you cannot get.
Style: An assignment will not receive an A, i.e., 80 or more, if it contains any one of the following style errors (even a single instance of one of these errors): Demo: Also, you cannot receive an A if

Correctness: If your code does not meet the requirements as specified in the assignment, then the mark will be B or less, depending on how serious the omissions are.

Exception Handling: None needed in this program.

Bonus: There are no bonus marks that can take your mark over 100, since we do not want to increase the weight of the assignments. However, it is possible that some extra features can make up for a small error that might otherwise take your grade down.

Also, it goes without saying that your code should not be too similar to anyone elses (see the CMF re. plagiarism). If some part of your code is from somewhere other than your head or the course text, cite your source in a comment.

Submission instructions: (if you have a partner, only one of you should submit)