Final Exam Information

Ryerson University

Date: Final exam is on Friday April 15, 9 - 11 AM
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Question types: There will probably be three programming questions and a set of multile choice questions. You do not need to memorize class and method names, since the names will be provided. However, you must know how to use them.
The questions will be based on material from some of the following Chapters and Sections:

Chapter 9 (Interfaces and Polymorphism). Chapter 10 (Event Handling) Chapter 11 (Inheritance) Chapter 12 (GUI) Chapter 14: Exceptions Chapter 15: Streams Chapter 17: Recursion Chapter 19: Introduction to Data Structures Chapter 20: Advanced Data Structures Chapter 21: Multithreading Last modified: Fri Mar 25 22:19:40 EST 2005

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