General Lab Information

Ryerson University

The 12 labs in the course are worth 15% in total, broken down as follows:

Attendance 5%:

Attendance will be taken by the lab instructor at the beginning of each lab. Students will get ½ mark for every lab they attend (up to 5 marks).
It is each student's responsibility to ensure that his/her attendance has been properly recorded.

Oral Presentations 10%:

Every week, usually by Friday, a series of exercises (usually from the textbook) will be posted and available from the Lab Schedule web page. These exercises are for presentation in the following week's lab. Students should prepare them before the lab period. Students may prepare in groups if they wish, but the presentation is given by only one individual.

At the beginning of the lab period, the lab instructor will announce the names of the students who have been randomly selected by the course instructor to present an exercise. Each of these students will be assigned a specific exercise (also chosen by the course instructor). Substitutions will not be allowed. These students will then be asked to present and explain at the board their solution to this exercise.

Each presentation will be graded out of 5. The grade will reflect the correctness of the solution (out of 3), and the student's ability to present that solution to his/her classmates both orally and in writing on the board (out of 2). The lab instructor will assign the grade immediately after the presentation. Presenting students should ask the lab instructor for their grades at the end of the lab period.

Each student will be asked to present at least 3 exercises during the term. The two best marks out of the three will be added to make a total of 10%. The questions are rated: Easy, Medium or Hard. Generally each student should do one of each type of question over the term; however some students may be asked to do a different combination.

Students who are absent or late for their presentation will get a grade of 0 for that presentation unless the absence was for a medical reason. In such cases, please return a copy of the Ryerson Student Medical Certificate filled out by your doctor.

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