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Ryerson University

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This course covers the fundamentals of discrete mathematics with a focus on proof methods. Topics include set theory, notation for modern algebra, propositional and predicate logic from a semantic point of view, proof methods, functions and relations.

Learning Objectives

It is expected that students who successfully complete this course will have a basic understanding of the fundamentals of logic and discrete mathematics, and the ability to structure a proof or argument and to apply mathematical methods to solve programming problems. Students will also get an opportunity to improve their oral presentation skills during the labs, where they will all be required to make oral presentations.




1 Semester, 3 lecture hours, 1 lab hours per week.

Method of Instruction

There are three lecture hours per week, taught by the instructor.
During the labs, students will present to a small (20-30 students) group of their peers exercises they have prepared beforehand.

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