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This page contains links to external sites that have some relavence to the course. Hopefully they are also interesting and useful. If you find any interesting links that might be relevant to mth110, please send email.

Propositional Logic

Propositional Logic Calculator.

Number theory

The Sieve of Erastothenes. This is an interactive version for numbers between 1 and 100.
The Prime Pages contains lots of additional information on primes, including prime tables.
The largest prime (courtesy of Jonathan Sammy)
The great internet Mersenne prime search
The Goldbach Conjecture.
The Online Encyclopedia of integer sequences ( Help) Enter your favourite sequence and see what's known about it
The Visible Euclidian Algorithm shows the Euclidian algorithm in action.


Euclid's Elements online The title says it all - interactive too!
Google Math History Directory Need I say more?
St. Andrews University math history project Useful archive of mathematical history and biographies of mathematicians.


GIFs for Mathematical Symbols
False Proofs

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