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Course Handouts

These handouts cover extra material not covered by the text or extensions of material covered in the text. It is highly recommended that you download these.


Here are copies of the slides used in class. Some are reformatted for ease of reading and printing.
ChapterTitleSize (Approx) Pages
1.1 Formal Logic80K7 (Slides)
1.2 Conditional Statements60K3(Slides)
1.3 Valid Forms45K2(Slides)
1.3 Glasses Example25K1
1.3 Knights and Knaves25K2 (Slides)
1.5+ Bitwise Handout 85K7 (Slides)
5 Introduction to Sets85K 5(Slides)
5.1 Sets II95K4 (Slides)
5.3 Boolean Algebras95K2
2 Quantifiers90K9 (Slides)
- Normal Forms and Resolution Handout 100K9
Appendix A Number Axioms95K5
3 Proofs75K5
3 Number Theory95K5
3.8 GCD & the Euclidean Algorithm70K
3.2, 3.7 Rationals and Reals95K4
3.5 Floor and Ceiling95K1
10 Relations125K9
7 Functions120K9
7.3 Pigeonhole Principle55K2
5.2 Set Element Method95K3
9.2, 9.3 Big O Notation90K6

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