Team Work and Cheating Policy

Ryerson University

This course provides opportunities for team work, both in the lab preparations and on the assignments. It is expected that all other work submitted for evaluation in this course will be original. Where team work is permitted each team will produce original work, distinct from any other team.

Students may work together when preparing Lab exercises. However they must present individually and any help during the presentation from other students may result in a decrease in the Lab mark for that presentation.

Each written assignment is accompanied by a marking sheet that is to be stapled to the assignment handed in. This marking sheet has slots at the top where all the team members should enter their name. The number of slots on the marking sheet indicates the maximum team size for that particular assignment. Each student may only be a member of one team.

If two teams submit the same work, without acknowledging their collaboration anywhere in the submitted work, this constitutes academic fraud, which is an academic offence described in the Ryerson Student Code of Conduct. The minimum penalty is a 0 on the assignment for all involved parties no matter who is the actual author of the work. Furthermore the incident will be reported to the relevant authorities and may end up on your official academic transcript.

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