General Tutorial and Quiz Information

Ryerson University


Each week a set of homework problems will be posted on the Tutorials and Quizzes page, you should attempt these problems and hand them in at the next lab. In each Lab there will also be a short quiz based on the homework problems for that Lab. During the lab hour the TA will also present a selected set of questions and you may ask questions.

Each week either the quiz or the homework will be marked. If the homework is marked, the mark will be out of 4, 2 marks will be awarded for a particular question (chosen by the instructor) and 2 marks for the completeness of the homework (number of questions with a reasonable attempt).

The quizzes will typically be in the last 10 - 20 minutes of the tutorial. The TA will give the quiz question and you will answer in writing. You are not allowed to use any reference material during the quiz. At the end of the tutorial period, the TA will collect all the quizzes, which will be graded later. The lowest quiz/homework mark will be dropped.

There will be no quiz in weeks 1 or 12.

Tutorial Marking scheme

The tutorials in the course are worth 20% in total, broken down as follows:
Attendance 5%
Quizzes or Homework 15%

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